What is digital marketing? Complete beginners guide

With the fast-growing world, we need new growing techniques to catch up with technology. Marketing has also been transformed into different shapes such as digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Influencer marketing, etc.
With the fast-growing world, we need new growing techniques to catch up with technology. Marketing has also been transformed into different shapes such as digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Influencer marketing, etc. Marketing is a major part of growing a business and is important to compete with the technological advance world.digital marketing is cost-effective as well as has a great and In comparison to local marketing, immediate impact on business sales. Different companies provide marketing guides to excel their business through online marketing. Organic marketing strategy is not just to advertise your projects but to create brand awareness, promote your business, and increases sell, etc. To get an insight into online marketing we need to get an understanding of the term itself.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing strategies performed in digitalized form. To aware, the internet users about your business, grow your customer base through the internet and increase sales through digital platforms. Digital platforms like Internet, website, blogs, email marketing, social media platforms, video marketing, and mobile marketing are used to promote business. To reach targeted customers marketers apply an online marketing strategy.

Why digital marketing matters for a startup or small business

Digital marketing is a vast market space. Usually, small businesses avoid joining big market spaces but organic marketing not only attract heavy traffic of buyers but also it’s highly cost-effective.

  • It gives the opportunity to interact directly with your customers through different internet communication means.
  • Gives you the ability to reach the global marketplace and dream big.
  • It is easy to analyze your marketplace and target customers.
  • It is extremely inexpensive.

Digital marketing guide for beginners

As the need of time, if you want to make it big you need to work on a broader level. Online marketing is no different from marketing itself. All you need to do is present the right message at the accurate time to the correct people.
To identify the organic/paid marketing strategy framework, you need to get an insight into online marketing guide. In this article, we provide you a digital marketing guide for beginners to learn and excel.
It is a deep process and just like every process, it is categorized into different categories. To fully understand we need to look at the 7 big categories of digital marketing strategy.


The 7 big categories are:

1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental category in online marketing to gain organic traffic for your business websites and blogs. It is a complex process based on different technical and non-technical applications. It helps to boost your website visits, sales and helps you gain popularity in the digital market as well as the local market. It is a ruling key factor to optimize your website for quite less to pay.
Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO Optimization

2: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine marketing is also known as inbound marketing. It is considered a primary source for using internet marketing. SEO is a part of search engine marketing and both are used to increase the visibility of a website on google search result pages.

3: Content Marketing

Content marketing is a type of marketing used to promote the brand products and services through original content and promotion through social media platforms such as Blogs, Social media posts, webinars, e-books, and videos. It is all about attracting your audience with unique content.

4: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

It is a follow up to content marketing. It is the platform to reach your content to the targeted audience and consumers. Social media is also another way to communicate with your customers and listen to their queries.

Social Media Marketing helps in building up traffic as well as brand awareness among consumers. It is highly used for the promotion of brand activities and immediate feedback from consumers.

5: Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-per-click advertising is also known as PPC. It is the process of online advertising in which the advertisers pay per click by users on their online ads. The advertisers bid on certain keywords in the ad auction system and get’s their ad in the Google paid content links on the top of Google search page.

6: Affiliate Marketing

It is a type of marketing in which when an affiliate like any product from some company and starts earning by promoting it. It’s like earning commission by marketing another person or companies’ products.

It is more like advertising; the sales are tracked through affiliate links from one website to another.

7: Email Marketing

Email marketing is an old method of marketing in digital marketing strategy. It is an easy way to personally communicate with your consumers. Email delivers the highest ROI for entrepreneurs and marketers, as well as it is an inexpensive marketing strategy.

Through different email campaign, you can propose different sale offers, holiday offers, and other promotional events and receive immediate feedback. It is a good way to improve your communications with customers and apply brand recall.

Guide and strategy for PLAN, EXECUTE AND WIN IN 2021

No wonder marketing strategy is based on creative and aesthetic execution of work but does not work right away. When organizing a marketing strategy and plan, you need to be passionate and persistent until execution and win.

Digital strategies are a timely process and may take time to hit off. You can never use flashy tactics to simple gain momentary attention. When you plan a marketing strategy you plan properly for the distant future.

Your strategy should be original, groundbreaking and creative, that should drive positive and successful digital consumers traffic to your website. We offer marketing guide for you to properly plan, execute and surely win this year.

Here is a complete digital marketing guide 2021 for beginners:

Planning guide

  1. Set a goal and define your long term goals for the project
  2. Be organized and thorough, use spreadsheets to track activities
  3. Create an outline for all deadlines
  4. Choose what type of marketing would you use
  5. Create your budget list
  6. Prepare original and creative content
  7. Prepare content ahead of time
  8. Plan your marketing activities and offers ahead of time
  9. Track holidays and different times to make sales of all year and plan your activities
  10. Gather your team and assign their duties, Onlione marketing cannot be one-man show.

Execution guide

  1. Research on your targeted audience
  2. Track your expected targeted consumers
  3. Apply SEO to all your marketing strategies and plan them accordingly
  4. Gather keywords for all marketing strategies
  5. Learn and survey different social media marketing tactics
  6. Follow the trend and apply them creatively
  7. Build your email list as well as your emails
  8. Run marketing campaigns through emails
  9. Track and Monitor Campaign Progress
  10. Invest in your website and optimize it SEO wise
  11. Link your website and blogs with social media apps
  12. Make your business knowledge with My Google Business
  13. Redo your budget calculation and fire away


After executing all your digital marketing strategies, you can simply keep a track of every activity whether they are going timely and smooth.

Stay connected with your consumers and buyers. Use different communication methods, create brand awareness and recall.

With organic methods you will soon develop loyal customers and use email marketing, social media, and videos to stay connected and here is your win for 2019.

Digital marketing strategy framework / Plan

Success in digital marketing can only be ensured with a strategic framework. Marketing is a significant part of growing a business. To grow a stable and firm business according to the standards of the digital marketing world. You need to plan your digital marketing strategy framework to gain success and develop key strategies.

Growth of online business

To grow your business online you need to reach the prospect of your targeted consumer and loyal buyer. Act accordingly to the behavior of your potential consumer and contain a timely interaction to gain attention from consumers.Take advantage of important timings and convert your ideas into sales. Timely offers of sale promotions and offers through email campaigns and social media interaction is crucial for success.

Evaluate and analyze

To keep the success steady, analyze your audience and growth punctually. To keep a track of how well you are using a digital medium for marketing. Create a digital marketing checklist for an easy digital marketing guide. Analyze your audience as well as your loyal buyers, their purchases and visit website and other mediums. Collect the demographic information of your clients and present the next strategy accordingly. You can also do a SWOT analysis to keep track of your financial along with marketing progress.

Digital marketing strategy Execution and Follow up

Planning a digital marketing strategy may seem a lot easier when you enter the phase of execution and follow up. This is a reason usually companies plan of time for a whole year. They prepare an outline for all the activities and their execution.

Usually, when people plan a marketing strategy they focus on their product, selling offers and sales benefits. When they need to think of the follow-up as well. Such as product delivery, customer feedback, and service, sending follow-up newsletters to happy customers or handling any other situation. Create a follow-up marketing strategy with the following steps:

  1. Set automated emails
  2. Apply call-to-action strategy
  3. Reply to the queries of clients when received
  4. Share success stories of previous purchases and clients
  5. Send personalized follow-up email about the delivery detail and a thank you note
  6. Provide timely FAQs about recent offers as well as your website content
  7. Provide complementary products, events, services, coaching, and workshops


Digital marketing is active and updated marketing procedure. It is a [progressive method for business growth in the internet world. It is an evolving process with new up to date strategies, including platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.With the use of different techniques, ecommerce websites and blogs now work as retails shops. If approached with perceptively, you can not only boost your website traffic and sales but also create a brand identity for your business.This article was a complete digital marketing guide for Beginners including digital marketing strategies. If you have something to add, you can leave a comment below and let us know about your experience!Learn with Digital Learning Nest