Email Marketing in 2021

Marketing is an important strategy to run a business. We indulge in different kinds of marketing strategies to boost our business. Email marketing may seem an old internet marketing strategy but not so old.

LinkedIn marketing is a social media platform.
that is specially built to help you get a job, offer a job, enlarge your business, make contacts, and make your business known. It is an important social networking site that every student, workers and businessmen need to use.LinkedIn is your Facebook for your career and business growth. Along with socializing it helps you expand your business connections and most importantly know who your connections know.LinkedIn offers you a profile where you can post your interests, resume, talk to different employers, offer jobs and post your projects.

LinkedIn offers you a profile where you can post your interests, resume, talk to different employers, offer jobs and post your projects. Along with that you can participate in different groups and learn from professionals. It is specifically designed to provide a space for people with common interest who wants to work on project, develop new ideas, get a job or grow a business. LinkedIn could be used as a personal profile as well as business profile. In this article we would focus on LinkedIn for business profiles and LinkedIn marketing funnel. Here are LinkedIn marketing guide & strategies for 2021:

Set your LinkedIn profile

The first step to LinkedIn marketing guide is making an account and organizing it with the right strategies. A LinkedIn company page is an important step to promote your business or brand on LinkedIn.

To start with LinkedIn marketing guide, apply following tips:

  1. Add your logo as display picture or cover
  2. Use keywords and tags that will help people find your business on LinkedIn
  3. Add description that matches your company criteria and your LinkedIn marketing funnel
  4. Mention all your services and products here
  5. Link your website and other social media accounts
  6. Write in detail about your company’s foundation and history as well as location
  7. Give your page professional look and maintain it professionally

Grow business with LinkedIn marketing strategy

LinkedIn offers both paid and organic marketing strategies to grow your business. You can apply paid strategies for your LinkedIn B2B marketing. But LinkedIn marketing influencers promote LinkedIn organic marketing strategies. As Organic strategies are inexpensive as well as credible for your business accuracy. Follow the following organic LinkedIn strategies to boost your profile:

1: Write on LinkedIn

The first move to make is to write more on your LinkedIn profile regarding your business as well as stuff that relates to your business. Writing makes your profile more reliable and interest’s other investors or customers.

Find related niche to your brands products, use appropriate keywords and tags. Posting articles on LinkedIn attracts people and builds a brand identity as well as engage the audience.

You can also post your blogs here, to gain more followers and produce brand awareness.

2: Understand LinkedIn algorithm

To use any website or social media platform you must know about it technically. It helps you to know how the algorithm rates and ranks your content. Understanding LinkedIn algorithms helps you solve LinkedIn marketing solutions as well, here is how:

  1. A bot judges your LinkedIn content for its low quality, spam or it being clear and evaluates your rank.
  2. Your social presence and your daily traffic engagement is considered. Such as your likes, comments and shares etc. To increase audience and their engagement you must post relevant and quality content.
  3. These bots further keep a check for on the quality of your account and network, whether its credible or spam.
  4. Other then bots LinkedIn use human editors for your content, as to which content must be boosted and which along with what should be removed from LinkedIn.

The technical side of LinkedIn might seem a little scary but don’t worry you will get a hold of it. Just keep your content relevant and never compromise on quality. Engage with your audience and you are there!

3: Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is not just a business platform; it is a whole community. To grow your business on LinkedIn you don’t need to post on other platforms. All you need to do is join in groups that are relative to your business and interests.

You can meet new people on these communities, promote your business and as well as your own LinkedIn account. These groups are usually run by professional and you can learn from these professionals about different LinkedIn marketing tips.

Apart from that you can also make your own group and share new ideas and tips including your own brand marketing.

4: Encourage your employees to join in

Your employees are your team and they show the credibility of your business. You can encourage them to join in and add your brand as their employment service. This would let your customers know your brand better and help them relay.

You can also encourage them to promote your brand logo and content you produce on LinkedIn. Leave valuable comments on your company profile page and share the content on their own. This could solve up your LinkedIn marketing solutions in not time.

5: Optimize your social media

Your social media is a weapon you can use with every other social media platform. Although LinkedIn is a vast community but you need to show your other social media presence as well. The more connected network you have the more solid audience you will gain.

Add social sharing buttons and make it easy for your followers to share your content.

6: Interact well

Your interaction matters the most. It’s your genuine words that would engage audience and boost your traffic. As well as a genuine contact is what makes you different from other. Be polite and well-mannered when connecting with your followers or making new contacts.

Use civil manners to solve any issue or query related to your services, it would benefit you with LinkedIn content marketing. And always respond on time if possible it makes a huge difference.

7: Post Timely

Your timing matter when it comes to LinkedIn marketing strategy. Different social media accounts have different high traffic and low traffic time of posting. You need to keep track of time and consistency to take advantage of the high traffic time.

Your articles, and posts may not do well if there is no traffic on the platform. You can use media strategy to get hold of high traffic time according to your country. The more people see your posts the more audience you attract.

8: Stay Updated

Different apps update from time to time and bring new different features for their users, so does LinkedIn. Always keep an eye open and learn every new feature that is introduced. Stay modernized and follow the trends that LinkedIn users do.

The more up to date and attractive profile you have the more people your business entice.

9: Don’t Stick to the company

You might follow a lot of professional LinkedIn marketing influencers and other business related famous people from different groups and communities. You can be that too!

The more popularity and knowledge you have the more your business will nurture as well. People want to connect with other people not brands. They might like your products, service, articles etc. But your own persona is what helps you more.

You can take advantage of your videos. Introduce your self as well as your views and theories about LinkedIn business strategies and other related stuff that you are aware about. The more personal experience you share the more people reach you.

As everyone wants to listen to real talk not made up and scripted words.

10: Use Tags

You must use text tags in your articles and written content along with that you should also tag people. Tag your followers or people you connect with on LinkedIn. As the tag content also recaches the connections of your followers.

But you must not tag people you don’t know or who doesn’t follow you.

11: Upload Videos

Video content might seem more like a YouTube thing but it’s not. It works the same for LinkedIn, even LinkedIn provides a small row on your profile to add your video projects via YouTube.

Video content brings about 40% of traffic to your profile, take advantage of that and post them.

12: Integrate LinkedIn ads

Like Facebook and other social media platforms LinkedIn provide paid marketing strategies as well along with organic strategies. LinkedIn paid marketing strategies are based on Ads and paid content. Allowing you to run your LinkedIn company profile and network with detailed information about its professional interests, associations, and skills.

You can target and focus on specified LinkedIn marketing strategy. Here are different self-service LinkedIn advertising strategies:

  1. It allows you to offer Sponsored Content which boost your content to reach a wider audience.
  2. Just like email marketing you can use Sponsored InMail service to send personalized ads to LinkedIn members’ inboxes.
  3. Invest in Text Ads they appear everywhere like pay-per-click or CPM ads on LinkedIn homepage, profile, Groups pages, and more.

You can use these paid ads to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and boost your organic content and written posts.

Build Your LinkedIn Strategy 2021

On final thoughts, LinkedIn usually seems hard and people give up before even starting. But if you are into LinkedIn for Business and LinkedIn B2B marketing then there is no other good platform for you.

LinkedIn helps you boost your LinkedIn marketing funnel, though organic and paid marketing strategies. Offers you a chance to create a network, make beneficial contacts and as well as gain potential customers.

 Now you’re informed and armed with LinkedIn marketing guide and strategies of 2021. You can optimize it for perfect audience along with brand awareness. Write great content, post videos, be humble and discover new contacts. Hit it LinkedIn marketing strategy 2021!